How to get Free Surf Stickers

I have been always looking for free surf stickers and now with the internet available its much easier to share tips such how to get them for free. This is a good tutorial for surfers, collectors or even people how are looking for free surf stickers by mail for united states, uk, canada and australian people. But Im sure that worldwide people can get them too!

Click here to get the free Surfing Sticker Guide

The most common problem is that people dont know how to get free surf stickers and start buying it or simple don't know how to get them correctly and fail most of the time. You dont need to be a sponsored athlete in order to receive free surf stickers, normal people can get them too. Why? Because most of the companies aka brands won't mind having advertisement for free, so I'm sure if you do correctly you can receive stickers to place in your surfboard such in the nose, tail, deck or rocker.

After sometime trying to get free surf stickers I realized what is the best way to get them successfully most of the time. Them I started receiving packs and packs for stickers. Yes! Like 20 Quiksilver stickers. I also earned some money by selling them on internet , like on eBay. Decals, vinyl opaque and transparent...all types...What are you waiting for? visit my friends website where you can learn how to!

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